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Grey Venetian Blinds


Venetian Blinds in Shades of Grey

The Grey venetian slats offer a non-distracting element to highly decorated and saturated spaces and also compliment existing serene quiet spaces. They can help accentuate the formality of professional spaces, such as Gloss Grey and Dove Grey, whilst darker shades can add a measured classy extravagance to spaces of leisure, such as Silver Cloud and Gunmetal Grey. 

Mini blinds, or venetian blinds, can be used for all rooms and the ability to change the angle of the slats allows you to more carefully balance light levels and privacy. They are moisture resistant and flame retardant, so can be used in the kitchen and bathroom. Slats come in widths of 15mm, 25mm (1 inch) and 50mm (2 inch) and a variety of shiny, matt and bumpy finishes depending on the slat you choose. Our blinds are made bespoke to your exact window and door measurements and are delivered directly to your address with an option for next-day delivery.

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