Hot To Fit Blinds

Now you have received your blind and can’t wait to install it but where do you start? Fitting your new made-to-measure blind is straightforward. It is recommended that you have the following tools when fitting your blinds. Before attempting installation read through the how-to-fit instructions very carefully.

All fitting instructions are supplied with our blinds but these can also be downloaded at the product page where your original measurements were input.


What do I need?


You will require the following

  • Power Drill
  • Drill Bit  - If you are drilling into concrete, brick or plaster, you should use a 5.5mm diameter masonry drill bit. If you are drilling into wood, steel or UPVC, you should use a 3mm diameter high-speed twist drill bit.
  • Phillips Screwdriver - (one with the crossed head) 
  • Pencil 

Installing the blind

  • Gather your tools  - unpack your blind, inside the box you will find all the fixture and fittings that you will need. Now download the fitting instructions from our web site before you attempt fitting the blind.
  • Decide the fitting position - now, having decided where you want the blind to be positioned mark out the drill holes using the brackets supplied, in most cases you will only need to drill 2 holes at either end. Wider blinds will need more holes drilling though extra brackets will be supplied if this is required.
  • Drill your holes - then screw the brackets into place. Fit the blind into the brackets.


Product Fitting Instructions

Our product fitting instructions for blinds can be found by clicking this link > Guides on How to Fit Blinds


Caring for your blind

Do not allow moisture to settle on the blinds – wipe with a clean damp cloth. Do not use any type of detergent to clean your blind – clean damp cloth only. Do not oil or lubricate any part of the blind.