Modern, Light & Dark Grey Blinds & Shades

Grey Blinds are well-suited to today’s modern style of living, complementing both a  plain, neutral décor, and the more patterned. Grey is a neutral or achromatic colour, literally a colour "without colour," As a background to, for example, a bright red rose stem, grey can provide the most perfect contrast, offering an element of calmness to any home. In contrast, a saturation of colour can be offered with stripy roller blind styles..

At Blinds4UK we offer a whole range of shades of grey from those lighter ones of Orwell Steel and Atlantic Grey to the much bolder and striking Rebel Thunder, Bexley Zinc and Atlantic Granite. Our other shades offer a sheer or textured look- any blind can offer to any room an element of art: minimalistic or wildly extravagant. All types of grey colour blind available for any style of window.