Frequently asked questions

We frequently get asked questions about our service and our range of blinds, or for advice on taking measurements and fitting blinds correctly. Here are the questions and our answers to the most common queries; we hope you find them useful.

If you cannot find what you're looking for then please give our customer services a call on 0845 533 1023 or email us directly with your query at

Are blinds safe for children's room & nurseries?
Are blinds safe for children's room & nurseries?
  • Yes, child safety devices are supplied with every order to help ensure that cords or chains are kept out of reach.
  • We also offer great alternatives that eliminate cords and chains altogether. Our INTU Roller Blinds, INTU Venetians and INTU Pleated blinds fully integrate with all modern PVC windows using the ‘Click To Fit’ system that requires no drilling.
  • Alternativley why not try a spring tension roller blind; again eliminating the need for a sidewinder chain.
Can I specify a delivery time?
Can I specify a delivery time?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a time slot for your delivery;

  • All weekday deliveries are made between 7.30am & 5.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Saturday deliveries will be made between 7.30am and 1pm.
Choosing the right blind!
Choosing the right blind!

When choosing a blind there are some important points you should consider: The room the blind is for

  1. The size of the blind you require; for example if you have a large expanse of glass a vertical or Venetian blind may be more appropriate.
  2. How much light filtration do you want into the room? For example in a bedroom you may prefer a blind that blocks the light out and in a living room you may prefer more light fittering in..
  3. Do you require any special features from your blind? For example if you are installing a blind into your kitchen you may want a flame retardant material or if in a bathroom, moisture resistant maybe more suitable..
Do you sell energy efficient blinds?
Do you sell energy efficient blinds?

Yes. there are many different blind types on our website that hold thermal properties and are therefore considered energy efficient. Blinds with thermal properties help regulate light and heat filtration and in turn regulate the temperature of your room. Our thermal blinds help keep excessive heat out in the summer and also work to keep it any heat in over the winter.

How accurate are the swatch colours  you display on your site?
How accurate are the swatch colours you display on your site?

We do our best to represent the colour of swatches on our website as accurately as possible but due to the inconsistencies of computer monitors the colours displayed on your screen may not depict an accurate reproduction of the actual swatch colour. We strongly recommend that you request a sample before placing your order as we cannot accept returns for made to measure blinds once manufactured..

  • Due to the inconsistencies of various computer monitors, the colours displayed on your screen may not depict an accurate reproduction of the actual swatch colour.
  • We colour correct each scan as accurately as possible but we cannot warrant they are accurate.
  • If you are in any doubt as to the precise nature of the product or fabric you may wish to order you are advised to order a free sample.
  • Once you have received your sample keep in mind that all samples may still have minimal colour variations due to variants in light source, variants between dye lots, variants in colour for natural resource products etc.
  • In addition to the above considerations we would suggest that you order all of your blinds of a given colour at the same time.
How do I order a blind?
How do I order a blind?

Simply browse through our product range and click on the type of blind you wish to purchase. You will be directed to the product page selected,  which will display a range of swatch colours by collection.

Please Note that our website only accepts metric measurements in centimeters, so if you need to convert from inches to centimeters then please use our 'inches converter' tool.

  1. Choose the colour swatch of choice and simply enter your measurements in centimeters then click 'get price'.
  2. Configure your made to measure blind to the options available.
  3. Once all the options have been validated with a green tick click 'add to cart'.
  4. The shopping basket will display the product specification for you to check before completion. You can empty the basket if neccessary!.
  5. Once you complete your order registration (if not already registered),  you will receive an email confirmation.detailing your exact order placed with an estimated delivery date..
  6. You can track the process of your order via
Is it safe to give out my credit card details online?
Is it safe to give out my credit card details online?

Security at Blinds4UK  is taken very seriously, so to ensure your security, Blinds4UK has gone to great lengths to guarantee that your personal information will be safe.

We want to give you a worry-free ordering experience which is why our site uses Secure Server Technology (SSL 3.0) which encrypts all of your personal information. Your credit card number, e-mail address, and phone number are all protected as they travel though our shopping cart network.

What is the difference between an Exact or Recess measurement?
What is the difference between an Exact or Recess measurement?
  • An 'Exact' specified size blind will be made to the exact measurements you have entered, we will make no deductions.
  • A 'Recess' specified blind will generally fit inside the recessed part of your window. You supply us with the exact wall to wall measurements and when you choose the recess option, we will make the necessary deduction for you, so the blind fits perfectly.

We strongly recommend you read our how to measure blinds page for the specific product you wish to purchase before ordering. These pages clearly show the deductions & allowances we work with. 

What is your Returns and Refunds policy?
What is your Returns and Refunds policy?

Your order is custom-made to the precise measurements supplied by you to us at the time of order. We keep no stock and as a result, we cannot accept returns, modifications or exchanges because blinds made to your spec are not re-saleable by us.

  • To prevent any measuring mistakes, please take care when entering your measurements, all sizes should be entered tn centimeters.
  • Please make sure that you also check your order confirmation email to ensure all the details on your order are correct.
  • Your product comes with a 12 month warranty and if found to be faulty we may request collection of the blind to be returned and repaired or remade free of charge on a like for like basis.
Why should I buy from Blinds4UK?
Why should I buy from Blinds4UK?

We understand that customers want choice, quality and service but not as a substitute for price. Here at Blinds4uk we can offer you all of that and a whole lot more. We have put together a fantastic selection of the most popular selling blinds on the market at the best prices.

  • We offer a huge range of top quality products at low prices.
  • We will match or beat any price on a like for like product.
  • Fast UK delivery direct to your home or work place.
  • Shop with confidence! We are full members of The British Blind & Shutter Association (BBSA).
Why should I use a BBSA member?
Why should I use a BBSA member?
  • Members of the BBSA undergo a vetting procedure before admittance. The requirements and vetting procedure include, a minimum of two years successful trading, bona fide business premises, inspection of the applicant’s premises and satisfactory trade references.
  • All members of the BBSA must abide by the Association’s Code of Practice..
  • Using members of the association will ensure you are dealing with a reputable organization from within the industry as well as having experienced professionals to hand to assist you and advise you with any questions you may have.
  • We recommend any customers visiting on-line retailer sites whether it is to purchase or seek advice for blinds or shutters to ensure the retailer is BBSA registered.
  • Our customer service team are here to help you.