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White Window Blinds

White blinds are the most popular colour of window dressing in the UK because of the simple fact that the colour is minimalistic and unobtrusive. White as a colour is clean, fresh and natural-looking and can prove to be a great base for decorating your home interior. Here at Blinds4UK online shop, we have put together a range of white fabrics in different shades to help you find that perfect window style and dressing for your home.

  • White Blackout Blinds

    Constructed from durable opaque fabrics, which are 100% blackout and excellent for keeping the light out. The range offers different shades & styles from plain blackout blinds to contemporary pattern designs. Shop online for white blackout blinds >>

  • White Conservatory Blinds

    Selection of neutral tome colours, click to fit & easy fit blinds for uPVC windows. No drill, no screws needed for these blinds as they simply fit into the rubber bead.  View our range of white conservatory blinds >>

  • White Perfect Fit Blackout Blinds

    No drill, no screw framed blinds offered in different shades of white fabric. Child safe blinds in a perfect fit frame ideal for UPVC windows & doors. View our range of white perfect fit blackout blinds >>

  • White Roller Blinds

    Bring your window to life with white made to measure roller blinds. We have a vast range of white roller shades to choose from with different fabric opacities allowing you to control the amount of light coming into the room. View our range of white roller blinds >>

  • White Roman Blinds

    Choose from a fantastic selection of white roman blinds that combine the elegance of fabric with that of a practical & functional window shade. Lovely selection of plain, pattern & floral roman shades.  Take a look at our online store for white roman blinds >>

  • White Venetian Blinds

    A sleek selection of white venetian blinds that will give your home the modernistic feel you’re looking for.  With versatile options and a lovely selection of white slat finishes, these very affordable blinds are a perfect window fit.  Shop online for white venetian blinds >>

  • White Vertical Blinds

    Delve into our deluxe variety of white vertical blinds, from plain solid whites to sheer whites offered in a choice of 89mm & 127mm louvres. These fabric shades will freshen up your home with an essence of elegance. Buy white vertical blinds >>

  • White Wooden Blinds

    Shop for quality white wooden blinds that will easily compliment many interior room styles. These functional blinds are bespoke and offered in a variety of white slat shades, wood types and finishes with decorative colour tape options to.  Buy white wooden blinds >>