Venetian Blinds in Shades of Green

Our range of green venetian blinds hold a diversity of slats suitable for different themes, such as the jungle green shades of Tropical turquoise and Green envy, and the more reserved shades of soft sheen Formal Green and shiny Gloss Green. Such blinds bring a youthful energetic feel to your space and are ideal for colour co-coordinating green furniture, fittings and plants.  

Venetian blinds, or mini blinds as they are sometimes known, can be used for any room regardless of humidity or heat. Use them with long-term peace of mind for all your spaces, as they are moisture resistant and flame retardant, and make use of the excellent light control by changing the angle of slats or retracting it entirely. Slat widths come in 15mm, 25mm (1 inch) and 50 mm (2 inch).

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