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  • Timberlux Purist & Stains by Decora Blinds

    Timberlux Purist & Stains a luxury range of handcrafted wooden blinds by Decora. Blinds can be manufactured up to 289cm wide with a maximum drop of 350cm.

    Price tag from £60.79
  • Timberlux Mode Colours by Decora

    Timberlux Mode Colours a luxury trend of wooden slat blinds by Decora. Colourful custom made wood blinds offered in a 50mm slat with choice of ladder cord or tape options.

    Price tag from £87.68
  • Timberlux Deep Grain Collection of Wooden Blinds.

    Timberlux Deep Grain collection of wooden blinds by Decora. Made up to 289cm wide with a maximum drop of 350cm and come in a 50mm slat width

    Price tag from £94.88
  • Timberlux Zebrano & Origin Wooden Blinds by Decora.

    Timberlux Zebrano and Origin wooden blinds is a range that has a distinct striped effect in two tones of wood shade.

    Price tag from £83.50
  • Santa Fe Venetian Style Wooden Blinds

    Santa Fe Venetian Style Wooden Blinds by Decora. 50mm wood venetians cavailable in either a Matt or Gloss finish. Alternitivley for those looking for a 65mm slat and shutterstyle appearance checkout our Timberlux Shutterstyle blinds.

    Price tag from £59.41

Wooden Blinds In Shades of Medium Wood Stains

These wooden blinds expose their beautiful medium-shade timber effect, ideal for adding a rustic quality to your living spaces. It has proven to be visually effective against bright naturally coloured walls as well as with matching wooden furniture. Popular slats include Native Red Oak, Cypress Oak and English Oak.

The slats are in widths of 25 to 65 mm and blinds are bespoke. We deliver with the option of next-day arrival.