25mm Wooden Blinds


25mm Horizontal Slat Size Blinds

When trying to decide on the right slat size for wooden blinds important factors to consider are the view and your privacy. The wider horizontal slat will give you a better view to the outside when the slats are in the open position, whereas the smaller 25mm slat is better suited to those who want more privacy.

Another deciding factor is the mounting depth and stacking available to install wooden blinds. For those that have a very small mounting depth should consider a 25mm wooden blind because of the sleeker headrail and at the same time take into account that stacking height when the blinds are raised up to ensure no obstructions. Our carefully selected range of 25mm slats colours covers best selling stained woods in the UK, custom made with cord or tape options to your exact specifications. We offer free samples on all wooden blinds, so you can try before you buy.

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