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25mm Wooden Blinds


25mm Horizontal Slat Size Blinds

Trying to find the right slat size for your wooden blinds? Important factors to consider are the view and privacy you desire. If you want a better view of the outside, we suggest wider horizontal slats. But if it's privacy you crave, the smaller 25mm slat is a better fit. When mounting wooden blinds, consider the depth available. If there's limited space, a sleeker headrail can be achieved with 25mm slats. Just be mindful of the stacking height when they're raised to avoid obstructions. Our range of 25mm slats covers best-selling stained woods in the UK, all custom-made, cord or tape options available. You can even try our wooden blinds before buying with our free samples. So why wait? Let us help you find the perfect wooden blinds today!

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