The Range Roller Blinds

With roller blinds, you can either control natural light or create an instant blackout of light coming through the fabric. The range roller blinds offer the most fashion-forward window covering that matches your personality with cutting-edge design and bold color plus texture to make them stand out from any other type of shade on offer! Incorporating these features in conjunction will help complement just about any home decor style while giving it a sophisticated touch/ Our roller blinds come with a 5-year guarantee and at affordable prices too, so shop now for the best prices! 

The right fabric for your room can make all the difference when it comes to controlling light. Light filtering fabrics will diffuse sunlight and give you a warmer, more inviting feeling in your space. The fabric with the word 'Dimout' is designed to reduce light transmission. A blackout blind (Blockout) fabric on the other hand will block 100% of what shines through it, due in part to its coating on the backside.