Why Are My Wooden Blinds Not Opening?

July 25, 2023 | by ED | Blog

The Slats Are Not Tilted When Open Or Closed

The Slats Are Not Tilted When Open Or Closed

In order to adjust your wooden blinds, firstly you need access from both sides. Next take out all of your tools and place them on top or near where they will go when installed again such as with brackets attached at each side which have metal rods sticking up through their centers ready for use in fixing problems if necessary.

The cord lock mechanism on the right-hand side will not release. You'll need a screwdriver or something similar to take it out, and then you can easily reinsert your blind once again by pushing in both control cords at once while gently lowering them towards their centre point as if raising/lowering it normally would do so - the brass cog should drop when this happens!