Things You Must Know When Buying Blinds For Doors

November 21, 2023 | by BE | Blog

Selecting the Perfect Style of Blind for your Doors

Selecting the Perfect Style of Blind for your Doors

Selecting the perfect style of blind for your doors as well as the design and finish is so important- all the team at Blinds4UK are here to help guide you through our product range and to offer expert, impartial advice that will provide you with the reassurance you need to ensure your new blinds perfectly complements your door.

There can be so many factors you may need to consider such as shading requirements, privacy needs, as well as those personal concerns that are easy to overlook: safety considerations if you have small children,  capable of withstanding attention from your small pets (the inquisitive puppy or kitten), and the need for ease of operation for those with a disability.

Always a concern is the risk of wind damage to your bi-fold door blinds- don’t worry though- our perfect fit blinds negate this risk as they do fit perfectly on your door- no flapping vanes or panels, no constant tapping against the door frame- just a perfect fit that will give you absolute peace of mind. For those home workers in the new normal, imagine working away with no awful glare on your computer or tablet screen- productivity enhanced and more time for a coffee!

The Best Window Blinds for Sliding, Patio, Bi-Fold & French Doors

The Best Window Blinds for Sliding, Patio, Bi-Fold & French Doors

Doorways are quite often areas of heavy use with people passing through regularly. It is important to understand the potential wear and tear the entire doorway is subject to, such as people and animals passing through into a beautiful garden- we can help advise on the best blinds for your door taking into account its use, both now and in the future. It is so important that the suitability of your blind matches the potential use- we always advise customers to research carefully to get the best blinds to enhance and complement your door and home. An example is your understanding as to how your door operates- inwards or outwards- where wind or furniture may be an issue- careful consideration at the time of purchase undoubtedly pays dividends.

What blinds are best for sliding doors?

There are several blind types that could be considered for sliding doors but due to the constant use of access, and the sliding door functionality, we would recommend vertical blinds.  For ease of access made to measure vertical blinds can be drawn to either side of the headrail & window opening allowing you an open space to the outside. The louvres allow for perfect light control and can be drawn or tilted to block out the sunlight.


Choosing the perfect blinds for your doors involves careful consideration. Aspects such as materials and size should align with your aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Optimal blinds not only enhance your space but also shield you from harmful UV rays. Before settling on blinds for sliding, patio, bi-fold, or French doors, invest time in research. By understanding the qualities of superior window coverings, you can select blinds that align with your style and appropriately fit your door.