New Sensation Faux Wood Blinds

March 09, 2021 | by Aneta | Blog

Wooden blinds have always been popular due to their classic feel which gives the interior a cosy and sophisticated look but as it is wood you have to be careful about exposing it to any moisture which can negatively affect the shape. And for that reason wooden blinds were often out of question when considering window dressing for kitchens and bathrooms. But fear no more as Faux Wood blinds are the perfect solution to this little problem. Made out of PVC they are both moisture resistant and flame retardant. These properties make the blinds especially durable and easy to maintain.

However let’s not forget their other biggest draw which is that they look just like real wood. Our current collection Waterproof Faux Wood Impressions includes 5 individual colours each offering a different look to your interior. Calico, Cream, Oak, Slate and White are all natural shades with a textured and wood effect finish that imitates real wood. Its versatility is what makes Faux Wood such a favourite among customers and they often opt to decorate their whole house with it.

Blinds in this collection are available in 50mm slat width making the slats easy to clean. You can choose between a colour coordinated cord or tape ladder. Lastly all blinds in this selection are child safe. Head to our website to order your free sample today and start the year with freshly decorated windows.