Introducing INTU Cordless Blinds for uPVC Windows

February 02, 2023 | by Aneta | Blog

No Drilling and No Screws

Ever got annoyed by having too many cords on your window blinds and got worried about your kids getting their hands near them? It's for you that we have prepared a brand new product that will take care of all these pesky issues. INTU is a new type of no drill window blinds that gives you even bigger control over your window space.

Cordless and Child Safe

They are clipped into the window beading itself flush against the frame. The blinds are completely cordless which makes them the safest option around and perfect for any home with small children. Now you won't have to worry about installing any special child safety devices.

Measure easily at home

A special profile pack is needed to accurately measure the window but we will be happy to provide one. All you need to do is contact us through our website or give our advisors a call. It is exactly as easy as it sounds.

Fits any decor and taste

INTU blinds also provide more versatility than any blind before. You can choose from three different frame colours  - white, silver and brown. Just like with Perfect Fit you can have either venetian, pleated or roller blinds ensuring that anyone can find the style that suits their home and taste the best. And let's not forget that thanks to the tight INTU frame the light leakage will be even more minimized.

The simplest controls you can imagine

You can easily operate the blind using the bottom rail which features an integrated handle. Tilting venetian blind has never been simpler either as the tilter is built in the headrail itself.