Are venetian blinds child-safe?

Ensuring child safety is crucial when considering new blinds for a child's room. However, it's equally important to assess how easily your energetic four-year-old can wreak havoc on the blinds if they're not entertained for even a moment. So, are Venetian blinds safe for children? And what exactly are Venetian blinds? In this blog post, we'll explore the topic of child safety when it comes to Venetian blinds and help you determine if they're a suitable choice for your child's room.

What makes venetian blinds child-safe?

Discover the secrets to the child safety of Venetian blinds. The potential risks lie in the hanging cord that raises and lowers the blinds, posing a danger of entanglement and harm. However, fear not, for there are two simple and effective ways in which Venetian blinds ensure child safety. Firstly, a wall-mounted cleat securely wraps the cord out of reach, eliminating the risk. Secondly, a breakaway tassel is attached to the control cords, allowing them to easily separate if a child becomes tangled. Rest assured, these measures provide peace of mind and protect your little ones from harm.

Are venetian blinds good for a children's room?

Discover why Venetian blinds are a safe choice for your child. The main concern is the hanging cord used to raise and lower the blinds, which poses a risk of entanglement. However, Venetian blinds have two features that address this issue. Firstly, a wall-mounted cleat securely wraps the cord out of your child's reach. Secondly, a breakaway tassel attached to the control cords ensures that if your child becomes entangled, the tassel will break, allowing the cords to separate and freeing your child from any harm. The only remaining risk is the possibility of your child falling if they were leaning their weight into the cord, but this is still a safer option compared to other alternatives.



The safety of Venetian blinds for children is a crucial consideration for parents and caregivers. As highlighted in this guide, the design of modern Venetian blinds incorporates safety features to reduce potential hazards, making them a child-friendly window treatment option. Stay informed about child safety guidelines and adopt these measures to provide a secure environment for your little ones while enjoying the aesthetic and functional benefits that Venetian blinds bring to your living spaces.

How safe are venetian blinds for children?

Ensure your child's safety by making sure they can't reach the blinds or any of their mechanisms. While it used to be enough for blinds not to pose an immediate danger, we now prioritize child safety more than ever. In the UK, all Venetian blinds must meet specific child safety standards. These standards go beyond simply being non-lethal if touched. However, if you purchased blinds from abroad at a significantly lower cost and the safety certificate seems questionable, you may be taking a risk.