Black Vertical Blinds


Vertical Blinds in Shades of Black

The black range of vertical blinds are especially beautiful for accentuating the slenderness of tall windows and doors when contrasted with white or off-white walls in a sparsely furnished setting, resulting in a measured and modest elegance. This arrangement would work best with plain fabrics such as the plain Richmond Black.

With a rail length limit of 5 metres, vertical blinds span further than roller blinds and venetian blinds, which makes them ideal for covering large expanses of openings with a single unified blind that majestically sways in the gentle summer breeze. The black vertical blinds come in both blackout and dim-out slats of width 89 and 127mm, which look beautiful when silhouetted against a daylit background. Popular patterns include the textured Tilney Grey and floral print Clifton Black.

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