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Wipe Clean FAKRO Skylight Blinds


Wipe-Clean Skylight Blinds for FAKRO - PVC Fabric

Make cleaning a breeze with our wipe-clean skylight blinds for FAKRO windows. Crafted with easy-to-clean PVC blockout fabric, these blinds not only offer exceptional light control and privacy but also boast waterproof and moisture-resistant properties, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Our wipe-clean skylight blinds feature PVC blockout fabric that is specifically designed for effortless cleaning. The smooth surface of the fabric allows dirt, dust, and stains to be easily wiped away, making maintenance a simple task. With our easy-to-clean blinds, you can keep your windows looking fresh and spotless with minimal effort.

Express your personal style and enhance your interior decor with our wide range of colours. Whether you prefer vibrant and bold shades or subtle and neutral tones, we have a colour to suit every taste. Choose the perfect colour to complement your space and create a harmonious ambience that reflects your unique style.

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