Our Range of Collections

  • Splendor Roman Blinds

    Roman blinds add elegance and luxury to any home. These plain coloured fabrics are made to a high quality, they come in an array of colours to suit your decor. They are offered with standard lining, thermal or blackout.

  • Splendor Kelby & Killyblane

    A wonderful range of patterned and textured Roman blinds. These will add warmth and comfort to your home and come fully lined as standard or with a thermal lining for those cold wintery nights.  Choose from Chartreuse, lilac Pink to Mushroom.

  • Splendor Floral Roman Blinds

    Roman blinds are very effective from blocking out excess light from outside. Select from this incredible range of floral designs in an array of colours. They are simply divine and will add a sophisticated look to any room. Some have a smooth finish, others are textured. They all come fully lined as standard or opt for the thermal lining if you prefer.

  • Splendor Calmore & Necton

    A magnificent range of Roman blinds slightly patterned and textured these come fully lined as standard or with a thermal lining. They come in a range of colours to help you choose that special finishing touch to any room.

  • Splendor Bagstone & Derrylin

    Roman blinds add a softness and cosy feel to any room. These prestigious floral designs will compliment or add extra sophistication to your decor. They range from a mixture of colours from greens, monochrome, violet and indigo.

  • Splendor Dalston & Yarwell

    Patterns, textures, Purple, Teal, Cranberry what a selection. Choose your perfect blind with these stunning Roman fabrics. They come fully lined as standard or opt for the thermal lining for that cosier feel.

  • Splendor Hainford & Fairstead

    Roman blinds are very effective from blocking light from the outside. Choose one of these classy blinds and add that extra warmth to your home. Textured and patterned they come in a range of colours including rich gold and calm putty.

  • Opulence Roman Blinds

    Add a rich look to your home and decor with this beautiful range of patterned Roman blinds. These easy operation blinds come in a variety of colours and some speak for themselves.

  • Stripe Design Roman Blinds

    We offer a huge range of styles; these striped Roman blinds are incredibly popular and add sophistication and excitement to any home. They add a cosy and homely feel and come in a wonderful array of colours.

  • Eclectic Roman Blinds

    What a wonderful choice of colours and patterns, these stunning Roman blinds will add a touch of sophistication and class to any room. The choice is phenomenal, pick the shade or pattern to suit your home. They come fully lined.

  • Classic Roman Blinds

    A beautiful choice of classic plain Roman blinds. They range from silver, slate to rosewood and pearl. Roman blinds add a cosy feel to any room. Come fully lined with the option of thermal lining.

  • Tranquility Roman Blinds

    A vast selection of plain colours in the Roman blind section. Add that cosy, warm feel to your home. Come fully lined as standard or opt for the thermal lining.